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Soul Calibur 6 Could be the Final Installment of the Series, Unless The Game Sells Well


Soul Calibur VI Producer Motohiro Okubo recently did an interview with at Gamescom '18. He revealed that he had to do some "convincing" to Bandai Namco in order to begin working on SC6, as the series is "facing a crisis" with low expectations from the company. Okubo-san made it clear that if Soul Calibur VI saw a worst case scenario and doesn't sell well, it could be the final game of the series. (Let's make sure that doesn't happen and support the game!) At the end of the interview, Okubo-san talks a little bit about "fan-service" with sexy costumes in SC6.

Below is the full interview from

At Gamescom 2018 DualShockers talked with Producer Motohiro Okubo, who was quite frank in explaining through a translator that the brand was in dire straits when asked why it took so long.

“The first thing is that the IP itself of the SoulCalibur franchise had low expectations from the company. It was actually facing a crisis of maybe disappearing. It took time for me to convince the company.”

We asked Okubo-san whether this could be the last SoulCalibur in the worst-case scenario that VI doesn’t do well, and his answer was quite clear-cut.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

At that, I mentioned that we’d better buy the game, and Okubo-san switched to English bypassing the translator, explaining that he hopes so, but he isn’t trying to push players to purchase the game.

“We don’t want to blackmail the users by saying that it could be the last one, but as it is, yes.”

Later in the interview, I asked whether the development team had any doubt in retaining the level of fanservice that was included in previous games, and that has apparently been fully preserved in SoulCalibur VI. Okubo-san mentioned that the crisis the brand is facing played a role in that as well. The development team decided to stick with what they wanted to do since they have nothing to lose.

“Since the SoulCalibur brand is facing a crisis, we have nothing to lose, so we just decided to do what we want to do.”

That being said, he also explained that they didn’t go out of their way to design sexy characters.

“However, it’s not like we’re trying to make the characters sexy. When we decide on the costumes, we always think about how best they can represent the characters. Sometimes there may be less fabric and as a result, the character may be sexier, but we’re not trying to make the game focused on sexy characters.”

You heard Okubo-san... this is a "CALL TO ACTION" for every Soul Calibur / fighting game fan. As we've learned from the past, no fighting game series is immune to disappearing. Let's make sure Soul Calibur VI sells well. Buy the game (if not multiple 'legal' copies!)

Personally, I pre-ordered both the PS4 and PC versions. Soul Calibur is an iconic and very important franchise for the 3D fighting genre. It's the best at what it does. With full support from the fighting game community... "The Legend Will Never Die". Buy it. 

Stay tuned on for continued coverage of Soul Calibur VI.

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