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Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Immortalizes Bill Clinton, Who Once Condemned PS1 Ad for the Original Guilty Gear


In the mid to late 1990's, certain politicians made "video game violence" a major talking point claiming these games were dangerous for the development of young children and teens. While some violent games were questionable, other niche titles were unfairly grouped into this stigma. The original Guilty Gear, released in 1998 on PS1, had a somewhat uncharacteristic North American print advertisement that read "Kill your friends guilt free". In 1999, someone handed U.S. President Bill Clinton the advertisement, who famously and publicly condemned this ad during a speech. Two decades later, Arc System Works paid a tribute to Clinton's nearly-forgotten speech, which circulated online earlier this year, immortalizing the former president with a nicely framed photo in Guilty Gear STRIVE's new Digital Figure mode!

Below is the video of the former U.S. president giving a speech in 1999. Clinton is seen holding the Guilty Gear PS1 print ad at the end of the video, singling it out as one of the "most unbelievable of all". This particular speech didn't make a big impact at the time, but eagle-eyed Guilty Gear fans spotted the old school advertisement and circulated the video on social media...
Over two decades later, Arc System Works immortalized this moment in Guilty Gear STRIVE with an obscured-yet-recognizable mock photo of Bill Clinton that appears in the "White House - Oval Office" environment within STRIVE's Digital Figure mode. The other clever and ironic part of this? Clinton makes his official Guilty Gear debut / cameo in the game's most non-violent mode. Digital Photo mode literally has no violence at all.

Here's a high-quality close-up of the infamous Guilty Gear ad that President Clinton was referring to. (A friendly reminder that the original Guilty Gear was a niche game, not very popular at the time, and not actually very "violent" compared to first-person-shooters and other video games the president was talking about.)

The latest Guilty Gear -STRIVE- update adds the new White House Reborn stage, new playable character Testament, and Digital Figure mode where users can place and pose character models and other objects into a variety of 3D spaces. Arc System Works also confirmed Season 2 for the game will add 4 additional characters and an additional story mode. Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more Guilty Gear -STRIVE- news.
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