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Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Original Soundtrack Releasing May 2022, Tower Records Collaboration / Pop-up Shop


Arc System Works announced a physical edition of Guilty Gear STRIVE's soundtrack, titled Necessary Discrepancy, will be releasing in May 2022. Interestingly, the OST includes a theme song for the game's fifth and final Season 1 DLC character (who has yet to be announced). Named after Ramlethal Valentine's theme song, Necessary Discrepancy has a total of 25 tracks across two CDs. A second new song, titled "Rock and Roll, Rock Hard Maniac" will complete the album. In related news, Japan's Tower Records announced a collaboration and pop-up shop featuring Guilty Gear STRIVE characters in Rock 'N Roll-inspired threads. Before we take a ride to the pop-up shop, check out the album cover of Necessary Discrepancy the official soundtrack for Guilty Gear STRIVE.

From shirts to keychains to badges and guitar picks, Tower Records will be selling a wide variety of physical merchandise at their physical locations. The merch features stunning and newly-drawn artwork of Guilty Gear STRIVE's characters all dressed in snazzy "Let's Rock!" t-shirts (physical shirts that will be on sale in stores). The pop-up shop will be open from March 23rd - April 3rd, 2022 at various Tower Records locations.

Each character even gets their own instrument... Sol-Badguy on the guitar and bass makes perfect sense. Both Axl and Nagoriyuki are on the drums, with Happy Chaos and Jack-O on vocals, Ramlethal on the keys, and I-No... very unsurprisingly, also on guitar (obviously lead). You can browse the full catalog of available merch over at

Visitors to the store will be limited to spending 2,000 Yen in an effort to see that more fans across Japan can get their hands on this exclusive merch.
Fans overseas can also attempt to purchase select merch online via WorldShopping. You can visit the official Tower Records (Japan) website for more information.
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