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New Images of Character Sprites from Canceled Garou: Mark of the Wolves Sequel Surface Online


For old school fighting game fans, there's nothing like discovering new information or content regarding classic or even canceled games from past decades. Previously, SNK confirmed a Garou: Mark of the Wolves sequel was in fact planned after the release of the first game, but unfortunately was canceled before development finished. A Japanese account on Twitter recently shared what appear to be never-before-seen images of character sprites from Garou: MOTW 2 for both existing characters and the new designs that were planned. In the past, we shared a similar image to the one below, but this version is much clearer and crisper than the earlier image and even includes new character sprites!


What makes this particularly interesting is the inclusion of Fatal Fury / Garou series veteran Joe Higashi, who appears to be injured during the timeline of MOTW 2. According to sources and some early Garou: MOTW 2 concept artwork (below), Joe Higashi was going to make a cameo appearance in MOTW 2 to support his female Muay Thai student named Kuan / Kuwan one of the game's planned newcomers.



Additionally, below are the sprite sheets for several of Kuan's animations, including her default stance, walking / running cycles, guard break, and even her alternate colors (uncovered by @2021kduck on Twitter). Scroll through to check them out! There's even a full animation of these sprite sheets further down.

[UPDATE] On Twitter, @JSevion took the time to put together ALL of Kuan's animations (and alternate colors) that you see above. So now... we can enjoy this work-in-progress SNK character sprite in full motion. Honestly, she looks great! Hit play within the tweet (below) to see her animations.
Additional Garou: MOTW 2 assets were uncovered in July of 2022. As a fan of Garou: Mark of the Wolves since its debut in 1999, it's definitely saddening to see such beautiful 2D sprites go to waste. Kuan looks like she would've made an excellent addition to the cast. Unfortunately, there's not much additional information regarding any other canceled characters at this time.

On a related note, last year, artists from Lizardcube Games (Streets of Rage 4) brought back another one of Garou: MOTW 2's canceled characters to create a modern mock-up of the game. Check out the article directly below to learn more. Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more SNK news and history.

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