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Character Animations from Garou: MOTW Sequel


Following recent news from last week, some very interesting Garou: MOTW 2 content has surfaced online, including nearly-finished character animations from SNK's canceled sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves! This comes in continuation to our previous article reporting on the newly-discovered assets found on CD-ROMs — which include character sprite sheets of planned newcomers and returning characters, in addition to early development backgrounds. Thanks to several members on FGC Twitter, we can now view some of the actual animations from the uncovered character sprites, including new moves for returning characters like Terry Bogard, Jae Hoon, and Dong Hwan.

Hit the play button in the tweets below to watch the animations (you can repeat the animation by clicking again on the GIF image).
For those who don't immediately recognize the newness of these animations, that airborne kick technique by
Terry Bogard (above) is a completely new attack that he did not have in the original Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Once again, the revealed sprites also seem to confirm that Terry would've had an all new "diagonal" Rising Tackle in MOTW 2. Next up are some new moves from Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan...

New moves for the Tae Kwon Do brothers, Kim Jae Hoon, and Kim Dong Hwan, were also discovered. While Jae Hoon was going to get a new aerial kick ender in MOTW 2, Dong Hwan is seen showboating (something he's known for) with some kind of "surfing" technique! In true Garou: MOTW fashion, the animation is super smooth — Dong Hwan's new animation essentially being a full 3D pan around the character, brilliantly done using hand-drawn pixels alone (and looking practically complete). No doubt a beautiful "3D pixel art" study from SNK's heyday!
Above, we can see Terry Bogard executing his diagonal Rising Tackle, animated over one of the early Garou: MOTW 2 stages (unfinished). There's no indication that Terry's airborne kick would've been a follow-up to his new diagonal-angle Rising Tackle... but it's cool to see both moves fully animated, nonetheless. 

Just yesterday, @JSevion on Twitter took the time to put together ALL of Kuan's animations (and alternate colors) from her sprite sheets uncovered back in May. Once again, this series newcomer was meant to be Joe Higashi's apprentice, as Joe was apparently injured during the timeline of MOTW 2. I wonder if we'll ever see her again in a future SNK fighting game? One can hope.
We're not done yet! Below, have a look at the clean sprite rips of all of the new attack animations we shared above (originally posted by @2021kduck on Twitter). In the first Garou: MOTW 2 character sprite sheet, we can see a brand new air attack by Gato, in addition to what appears to be Gato's new pre-fight intro animation. Groundbreaking stuff!!!

  Still not done! 

[UPDATE] Continue scrolling to see new moves for Marco (Khushnood), B. Jenet, Freeman, Hokutomaru, Kevin Rian, Tizoc, Grant, Kain R. Heinlein, and even a "wave" animation by cameo character, Andy Bogard. This might as well be a convenient place to find all unused character sprites for Garou: MOTW2. Have a nice long scroll downward to see the rest of this incredibly rare and amazing SNK pixel art—unearthed from the vaults at the depths of SNK history!


Just to state the obvious (one more time), it really is a shame that Garou: Mark of the Wolves 2 development never completed. The title was sadly canceled in the early 2000s. In any case, it's pretty amazing that we finally get to see content from SNK's scrapped project over 2 decades later. You can check out more character sprite sheets as well as early-development stage designs in the previous article.

*This article may be updated with additional content in the coming days. Stay tuned on The Fighters Generation for continued coverage!

~Frank Joseph, | @Fighters_Gen


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