Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Artist Spotlight: LDAWB / Rival Schools Tribute & More


This year, The Fighters Generation is proud to introduce an all new "Artist Spotlight" series featuring some incredibly talented and passionate independent artists! The first artist up is LDAWB - a 2D/3D character illustrator from Texas, USA, with over 34k Instagram followers. LDAWB is known for his sharp lines, clean & vibrant coloring, dynamic poses, original character concepts, and amazing tributes to beloved characters from a variety of gaming genres. Below, learn about some of LDAWB's inspirations, past projects, and take a closer look at his brilliant Rival Schools 20th Anniversary Tribute - sure to be appreciated by any fan of the series (especially those of us still hoping Capcom will make Rival Schools 3).

LDAWB's 2D illustrations were featured in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Artbook. He also created in-game artwork for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Asura's Wrath. Below, enjoy some of LDAWB's beautifully detailed character art from the 2018 Rival Schools Tribute!


This week... Fighters Gen asked IDAWB some questions about the inspirations behind his artwork, favorite games / characters, wish list for Rival Schools 3, etc.

TFG:  Who are some fighting game artists that have inspired your work?

IDAWB:  The 'Golden Age' Capcom Artists mainly. Akiman, Bengus, Edayan, Ikeno & Kinu Nishimura. Tetsuya Nomura who did the Dissidia series was one of my main inspirations as well.


TFG:  What are your TOP 5 favorite fighting games?

IDAWB:  Street Fighter Alpha 2, TEKKEN 3, Rival Schools, Power Stone, and of course, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

TFG:  Who would you say are your TOP 5 favorite fighting game characters?

IDAWB:  Ryu, K Dash, Batsu, Jin Kazama, and all-time favorite, Ken Masters.


TFG:  If Capcom makes Rival Schools 3, what's on your wish list?

IDAWB:  Interesting question! Story wise, seeing the original characters age gracefully & seeing new characters representing their proper schools would be a fresh take. (Like the SF3: New Generation route but making sure the OG characters are there but more robust, stronger & seasoned.) Other Capcom character cameos would be a blast to see too!

TFG:  What are your favorite aspects of Rival Schools as a series?

IDAWB:  Really & truly how silly but over the top it is. There's a sense of innocence but it exhibits crazy levels of hype & fun in its characters & settings. If it's fun on purpose, people will always remember that.

TFG:  Your best Rival Schools team?

IDAWB:  Easily Taiyo High. No question!


kurow-kirishima-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (561138 bytes)        daigo-kazama-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (570407 bytes)        edge-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (687530 bytes)        momo-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (645220 bytes)        nagare-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (680984 bytes)
natsu-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1028645 bytes)        roberto-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1117802 bytes)        shoma-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1022245 bytes)        boman-delgado-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (828932 bytes)        ran-hibiki-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (827404 bytes)
kyosuke-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1038388 bytes)        kyoko-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1013798 bytes)        raizo-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (903719 bytes)        hideo-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (1079454 bytes)        gan-rivalschools-artwork-by-ldawb.jpg (800888 bytes)

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