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Kyosuke Kagami



Kyosuke is a calm mannered student from Taiyo High who volunteers to help Batsu find his mother. It is later revealed that Kyosuke is behind the kidnapping and was working for his twin brother, Hyo. Ultimately, Kyosuke changes allegiances, and helps Batsu and Hinata in defeating Hyo, while convincing Hyo that force was not the way to achieve their dreams.

In Project Justice, Kyosuke becomes concerned when he meets Kurow Kirishima and sense the power helping him. When Hyo is later possessed by the spirit of the brothers' father, Kyosuke reluctantly fight his brother again. After the apparent death of Hyo, Kyosuke disappears, with his friends at Taiyo High waiting for him to return to school. Whether he got out of the burning Justice High School HQ remains unknown.
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Rival Schools: United By Fate

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Project Justice, Capcom Vs. SNK 2, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Apr. 20th, 2024

Kyosuke's got his shit together. He was one of the most successful students from his school... making it to a "big name" crossover... maybe you heard of it? CAPCOM Vs. SNK 2. He solely represented his series in that game. That's a big role! (Is Kyosuke actually the protagonist!? Wassup wit u Batsu?!) From his outfit, to his fighting style, to his personality... Kyosuke is just cool. Fun Fact: Kyosuke's card ability in Card Fighters Clash is actually called "cool" Yup. He's cool and he wears glasses. It's interesting how Kyosuke's calm & collected personality contrasts Batsu's. Along with his stylish outfit and mannerisms, Kyosuke's fighting style is innovative, dynamic, , and..... yeah, cool.   >;)

I find it interesting (and somewhat odd) that Kyosuke never makes a fist when he fights. See... those "3D" hands don't actually "animate" in the Rival Schools series, so Kyosuke is always seen with stylishly-posed "open" hands. It's a trait that very-interestingly transferred over to his awesome 2D sprite in CVS2. On that note, Kyosuke's crossover to Capcom VS SNK 2 was unexpected, but very appreciated by fans of Rival Schools. Kyosuke's transition to 2D was brilliant... and his Level 3 super move featuring Batsu & Hinata was (and still is) epic. He's a recognizable Capcom character... but not one that everyone knows or appreciates.

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