Samurai Shodown 64


STORY:  Twenty years ago... a certain process was done over the years. Yuga would take out babies from a mothers stomach for a few days. She would put a certain spell on them and return them to the mother's stomach. The baby would be born as if nothing happened. The child would show incredible talent in different fields. These children were called "Shindou" or "Kidou". Twenty years later, the children would become incredible adults who have a high status or are well known. Yuga would appear before these people and would show them a mysterious puppet show. This causes them to remember why they were born in this world and would follow orders given by Yuga...

A rare title that very few ever got to play... SS64 had style!

ABOUTJoining the ranks of most other well known 2D fighting game franchises, SNK's trademark weapon-based 2D fighting game series made the jump to 3D graphics for the first time ever with Samurai Shodown 64. Showing off a vibrant 2D art style, SS64 reintroduces many veteran characters from the series history and introduces a few newcomers, such as: Shiki, Yagyu Hanma, Deku, Dekuina, and Yuga.

For 1997... these graphics weren't too bad.

The characters are presented in halfway decent 3D animation & graphics (for the time), though textures are fairly low quality and character models are plagued with noticeable pointy polygons. The overall gameplay is somewhat "slow" but retained most of the series' staple gameplay mechanics. The Rage Explosion returns from Samurai Shodown 4, and every character now has a powerful super move called a Fatal Flash. Unfortunately, special moves didn't vary in strength depending on the button the was used anymore, which might've put a damper on the gameplay dedicated players have come to expect.

On the second thought... lol. 

Samurai Shodown 64's gameplay takes full advantage of its 3D engine... with the ability to move in any direction (in a fashion that was later refined in Namco's Soul Calibur series). SS64 is also the first 3D fighting game to use multi-tiered stages - where it's possible to knock an opponent through a wall or floor into a different section of the stage. This idea was later used in the Dead or Alive series, which is frequently (and erroneously) credited for the innovation. SS64 also lets characters knock each other out of the arena entirely, resulting with a "ring out" victory. 

rimururu-samuraishodown64-concept-artwork.jpg (304954 bytes)          shiki-and-hanma-samuraishodown64-concept-artwork.jpg (256124 bytes)          shiki-samuraishodown64-concept-artwork.jpg (299726 bytes)          ukyo-tachibana-samuraishodown64-concept-artwork.jpg (258519 bytes)

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Page Updated: December 5th, 2021
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): SNK
Platform(s): Arcade (Hyper Neo Geo 64)
Artwork By: Senri Kita
Release Date(s): December 19th, 1997
Characters Haohmaru, Genjuro, Ukyo, Galford, Hanzo, Shiki, Yagyu Hanma, Sogetsu, Kazuki, Nakoruru, Rimururu, Gandara, Deku & Dekuina, Yuga

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Final Words:

Like most people outside of Asia... I've never had the opportunity to play this rare 3D incarnation of the Samurai Shodown series. Even though I know it was overall a disappointing "game" due to the unrefined 3D engine, I won't give it an official rating until the day that I actually play it... if that day ever comes. In retrospect, the 3D stylized graphics actually don't look that bad compared to other 1997 games.

What Samurai Shodown 64 lacks in gameplay and in-game visuals it makes up for with an amazing art style. In fact, SS64 actually has some of the BEST and most amazing artwork in the series history (which is saying a lot!). On that note, check out some of TFG's Art Galleries below. The in-game "fatality sequences" utilizing some of the artwork is one of the prettiest aspects of the game for sure.

Thanks to YouTube, we can at least watch some SS64 gameplay from those who have emulated the game. I hope to try it out someday and maybe even review this game eventually.
~TFG Webmaster | @Fighters_Gen