Power Instinct 2

Oume Goketsuji, Leader of the Goketsuji clan for the last 60 years, finally was defeated by her younger sister, Otane, the day where she surpassed her older sister finally had arrived. One night, Oshima Goketsuji unexpectedly appeared in front of Oume and offered her help to take revenge of Otane. According to the rules of the clan, if the leader dies or quits, one new tournament should be held immediately to find a successor.

That same night Oshima and Oume sent their servants to dispose of Otane, so while Otane slept, she was kidnapped and thrown to the ocean. Next day Kuroko found a letter supposedly written by Otane, where she declined to her right to be the leader of the clan. One week later all the competitors from the previous tournament and other family members were convoked to be informed about Otane's decision and the beginning of a new tournament.

Power Instinct 2 character selection screen.

ABOUT Known in Japan as Goketsuji Ichizoku 2, Power Instinct 2 is the second entry to the series. The sequel to Power Instinct released in arcades in April 1994 and was also ported to the Sony PlayStation. Power Instinct 2 was the first game created on CAVE's first generation arcade hardware. The sequel adds 5 new characters, improved visuals, and updated gameplay. Power Instinct 2 also introduced new music tracks featuring full vocals a trait that several future installments of the series would also share.

45 minutes later in an episode of Dragon Ball Z.

The gameplay of Power Instinct 2
is much improved over the first title, now featuring a super gauge called the Stress Meter. Taking a page from Capcom's Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, all characters can now perform a Super Attack when the gauge is full, using up the entire meter. Unlike Super SF2 Turbo, when a character's super meter becomes full, the character becomes engulfed in a flame of their own energy, protecting from incoming attacks. This burst also pushes the opponent away and causes a small amount of damage to the opponent.

Returning from the first game, several characters can once again perform Transformations. Like Otane and Oume from Power Instinct 1, new characters such as Clara and Kinta can perform their own transformations. Clara, a newcomer, can turn into a "sexy" adult version of herself. And Kinta turns into "Pooch"... a very weird and awkward-looking walking dog. Interestingly, if transformable character uses their transformation during a match, the Stress Meter will not fill up regardless of damage or blocked attacks until it wears off.


Even more bizarre than the first Power Instinct.

FUN FACT:  Power Instinct 2's versus screen is a parody of other popular fighting game versus screens, where the loser character appears beaten up and bruised (like in the Street Fighter 2 series). After a match, the losing character in Power Instinct 2 shows up with their faces painted up in a silly way.


In Power Instinct 2, the loser gets their face drawn on.

Power Instinct 2 was ported to the PlayStation under the subtitle Chotto Dake Saikyo Densetsu (which translates to "A Slightly More Violent Legend"). The PS1 port added some new features to the game, such as a 2-player mode enabling players to fight in teams of two and making Ninja Boy and Chuck playable. The biggest flaw of the PlayStation port was a three-second pause AKA "loading time" any time a character uses their Transformation. Obviously, this flaw became annoying and broke the flow of gameplay. The PS1 version also had an arranged soundtrack and featured new songs like a new version of "Give Me Money" sung by men and the full chorus version of "Namidano".

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Developer(s): Atlus / CAVE
Publisher(s): Atlus
Designer(s): Super KI, Markey, Helen
Artwork By: Range Murata
Platform(s): Arcade, PlayStation
Release Date(s): April 8th, 1994
Characters Angela Belti, Annie Hamilton, Keith Wayne, Otane Goketsuji, Oume Goketsuki, Reiji Oyama, Saizo Hattori, White Buffalo, Thin Nen, Kanji Kokuin, Kinta Kokuin, Kurara Hananokoji, Oshima Goketsuji, Sahad Asran Ryuto
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First Impression:

Like the prequel, Power Instinct 2 is another wacky 2D fighting game from Atlus that doesn't take itself very seriously. The five new playable characters, better visuals, and especially the improved gameplay mechanics made Power Instinct 2 much more playable experience over the first game.

Inspired by Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo, the game now features a super meter which of course adds more depth to the gameplay. The new character transformations are pretty ridiculous, but also add not only comic relief but an interesting new gameplay mechanic that very few 2D fighting games at the time experimented with.

Unlike the English version of Power Instinct 1, all characters in Power Instinct 2 have their own specific win and lose quotes against other characters. This was similar to a feature only exclusive to the Japanese version of the first game. That said, Atlus put some interesting polish into this very obscure 2D fighting game.

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