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He rages. In order to protect his master, the beast will raze buildings and crush trees with his own two hands. To stand by his master's side, he takes on the curse of eternity, transcending the power of mankind. On this quiet night, he thinks about his master, and how he may die on the battlefield one day...

Walddstein once fought for Licht Kreis until he was impressed by Kuon's chivalry and betrayed Licht Kreis for the rival group led by Kuon, Yato. Then Kuon disappeared, so in the meantime he's looking after Kuon's sister Linne while they go around searching for a god-slaying sword. Currently freeloading with Linne at Hyde's house.


Under Night In-Birth


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Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[st], Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[cl-r], Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes], BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle



Page Updated:  Sep. 19th, 2023

Whoever came up with Waldstein... is one evil, twisted sunuvabitch. Zangief + Hsien-Ko (with some secret ingredients mixed in)? You're messed up for thinking that, maaan. As the lone "big guy" and grappler of UNIST, Waldstein definitely makes a statement. The devs made him a literal Juggernaut onscreen (even bigger than Juggernaut onscreen). He's a fun character to watch in gameplay, and pretty fun to use if you know your way around a grappler (one with creepy long claw-arm thingies).

In some ways, Waldstein seems "over-designed"... like a fifth-gen BlazBlue character... but he's visually cool in general. I think Silber may be his grandfather... or grandson? (Not sure which way that goes.) Either way, I like Waldstein as a design. He seems like a next-gen "fighting game" character design - not trying to be like anyone or anything else. Personally, I enjoy fighting AGAINST Waldstein more than using him! I feel like a kid in the 90's again fighting a giant boss at the end of a stage. On that note, he could've been an effective boss for the game, but he's just a regular character. That's a French Bread game for ya.

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