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Silber is a German karate master who uses a combination of several different fighting styles. Although Silber has never officially competed in a fighting tournament, he has been seen at numerous parts of the world over the past 30 years, fighting against numerous well known martial artists. When Silber heard about the Buriki One tournament, he decides to enter to challenge other martial arts styles. His name translates to "Silver" in German.

When he was younger, he challenged Song Xuandao and defeated him. Before the Buriki One tournament, Silber noticed the skill of Rob Python and decided to take him under his wing. He is somehow acquainted with the mysterious assassin, Oswald, but details on their relationship is unknown. Gai Tendo is a rival of his. Silber debuted as the boss of Buriki One and appeared as a mid-boss in King of Fighters XI.

Buriki One


The King of Fighters XI, Card Fighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2020

First of all, Silber must've trained at the same dojo as Akuma... they've got some obvious similarities. Silber's upper torso reminds me of Sabretooth, which is cool too. Visually, he's a cool hybrid of other characters I like. Hmm... Akuma + Sabretooth = Silber?!? Cool design for a Karate guy. Dude's got some THICK forearms. He's built like a bear.

Silber has some unique things as a design. For one, he's the first fighting game character to sport "fur" on his karate uniform... I guess it keeps him warm in the cold German winters? Makes sense. He's got some unique and hard-hitting Karate-based attacks as well. Great 2D animation from SNK as usual. It's also awesome to have another representative from Buriki One in KOF... especially since it's a lesser known / underappreciated title. In short, Silber's fighting style is badass (check out his animations below) and he made a solid addition to the roster in KOF XI. I hope to see him return someday.

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