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Soriz, after half a century of work, came to believe that the only weapon to be trusted is the body. In between harsh, rock-smashing training sessions, he can see paradise extend before him. Soriz has always lived as he wishes, never doubting himself. His entire worldview is thrown into question by another man (Ghandagoza) who lives by his fists. Asked what he will leave behind to the next generation, Soriz sets out to discover the answer. In the end, he decides to bring others as much happiness as he can, in hopes the spreading ripples of his actions will outlast him.


Granblue Fantasy Versus






Page Updated:  Mar. 26th, 2020

If this guy fights anything like Heihachi, I'll be happy. A through-and-through puncher / martial arts user in a (mostly) weapon-based fighting game like Granblue Fantasy Versus is a cool idea. Reminds me of SoulCalibur II Heihachi. Soriz even has the fundoshi hype. This guy is cool.

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