Lucia Morgan
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Lucia originated as one of the four main (playable) characters of Final Fight 3, the other heroes being Mike Haggar, Guy, and Dean. After a gang war erupts in Metro City, now overrun by the Skull Cross Gang, detective Lucia Morgan joins Mike Haggar, Guy, and Dean to deal with the Skull Cross gang problem. On the rooftop of the Skull Cross Gang's headquarters, the quartet fought hard to defeat and kill Skull Cross leader, Marshal Black, throwing him into an electric generator. Years prior to her Final Fight 3 appearance, Mike Haggar cleared Lucia of a false corruption charge. Lucia was always appreciative of this. She is also an old friend to Cody Travers.

The official Final Fight 3 artwork, Lucia is seen training at the gym with Chun-Li, Maki, and Guy's girlfriend, Rena. Like Chun-Li, Lucia is a detective, and even uses some of Chun-Li's signature moves, Hyakuretsu Kyaku. These facts suggest Lucia is possibly a student of Chun-Li's, or inspired by her at the very least.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition






Page Updated:  July 3rd, 2020

Something Capcom pressed very hard in SFV, besides the costumes button, was the nostalgia button. (Those buttons on the machine happen to be close to one another.) Yeah, Lucia is a Capcom 90's classic. It's usually always nice to see a classic Capcom character get a full revamp and first fighting game appearance.

In my opinion, Lucia is fairly surprising and obscure choice for SFV. She was part of the FF3 roster who pretty much "ended" the Final Fight series back in the 90's, sadly. How fitting, she's going to "end" SFV now? lol. That said... as an old school Capcom fan, Lucia has sort of "depressing tune" chimes when I remember her origins. Lucia was never a particularly eye-catching design... (Maki is way more interesting IMO), but I'm sure she acquired some fans over the years, as she is one of the few on scene heroines of the Final Fight series. If anything, Lucia did have one of the largest movesets of the FF series. In closing, the fact that she's probably Chun-Li's student is a cool tie-in to Street Fighter, and makes her SFV:AE appearance seem appropriate enough.

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