Hibiki Kohaku


Hibiki Kohaku first appeared in the Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma storyline during Kagura Mutsuki's story scenarios, providing Kagura support and back-upe. He makes his playable debut in Blazblue: Central Fiction. Hibikis is a servant of the Mutsuki Family and captain of the Novus Orbis Librarium. As the servant of one of the Duodecim families, he is well acquainted with their members, such as Jin Kisaragi. The Kohaku family is one of the Mutsuki branch families. They are trained for silent assassinations and so are rarely mentioned in historical books. As a member of this family, Hibiki was also trained in the assassination and stealth arts, proving it multiple times by appearing undetected behind backs of characters like Jin or Tager.

In Act 1 Nine reveals that Hibiki's true desire is to murder Kagura and become the ultimate killing machine. In Act 2 he fights Izanami who tells him to go after Noel. Hibiki's actions and words become increasingly insane as his Act 3 story progresses, to the point where his stated purpose (enforcing Kagura's will) no longer falls in line with what he's actually doing (betraying Kagura's will). Kokonoe tells him that he can't kill Noel, but Hibiki answers that he will become an Observer to do so. When he finally encountered Noel, it turns out that all of his attacks are just going through Noel's body without affecting her, but then Hazama explained to Hibiki how to kill Noel for real.


BlazBlue: Central Fiction




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