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Kagura Mutsuki
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Kagura Mutsuki is an NOL general, and the head of the powerful Mutsuki family known as the Black Knight. Kagura is the representative Novus Orbis Librarium officer in the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido who, secretly, is plotting to overthrow the NOL.
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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

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BlazBlue: Central Fiction


Page Updated:  Apr. 29th, 2022

COOL SWORD... I expect characters from BlazBlue to have cool sword designs, so that's a given. At first glance, Kagura seems to fit into the BlazBlue roster and universe perfectly, as a late newcomer to the series. Kagura was originally introduced as a DLC character in Chrono Phantasma. If players weren't patient enough to sit through the 20+ hour story mode to unlock him for free, Kagura was paid DLC. I was never patient enough to sit through the story mode, nor did I buy his DLC. lol. 

However, Kagura's playstyle and animations are cool, as I expected. His outfit design is pretty rad. His clothing design reminds me of a Disgaea character. Definitely an JRPG character in a fighting game, even though he's legit a fighting game  character. I'm surprised he didn't make the cut to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

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