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Hades Izanami
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Hades Izanami is the true main antagonist of the Blazblue series, and the former Imperator of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Hades Izanami is an immortal being, death incarnate. She is using Saya as a vessel. Her goal is to reduce everything in the universe to nothing. She appears to have a feud with Rachel Alucard.

Izanami awakened during Continuum Shift. She cured Tsubaki Yayoi's blindness, and while Ragna sacrificed his left arm to turn Mu -No.12- back into Noel, she damaged the Master Unit, Amaterasu, to disable the time loop while nobody's looking, and took control of the Takamagahara System, thus granting herself the one wish she had always wanted: to prevent time from looping any longer and make the world the way she believes it should be: a "world of death", where death is permanent, and when things end once, they shall end permanently.
To make people aggressive, Izanami created Phenomenon Interventions in Ikaruga. To cancel it, Amaterasu had to get closer to the world, and was pulled out of the Boundary. After that, Izanami summoned Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi to destroy the Master Unit, but Rachel protected it with her Tsukuyomi.

After Take-Mikazuchi was defeated, Izanami turned it in the Embryo, to create the True BlazBlue with it. She made Ragna's Azure Grimoire go fully berserk and declared that her alliance with Hazama and Relius Clover is now over since the "Banquet" has now ended, and that she will give them a "Good Death" for having served her. As she heavily relies on the effects of seithr, Kokonoe's and Kagura's initial plan was to nail her with Kushinada's Lynchpin.


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