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Nearly hidden by the swirling mists of her tiny island, Ferry offers up a lonely prayer. Please grant the lost souls of this place eternal rest. Please grant your blessings to the courageous yet weak life that departs this island for an uncertain future.


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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Page Updated:  July 6th, 2019

Ferry main here! See, I can play anime fighting games too! ^__^ Ferry is my main in Granblue Fantasy Versus. I wasn't sure about the game at first, but I know one thing... I have a character that I REALLY enjoy playing. Ferry is such an interesting zoning character (with a whip sort of like Ivy's or Sofia's but very very different). As any whip-user does, she defines the long-range aspects of the game - making the game seem fun to me early on. Plus, she's got her adorable evil pet friends? OMG. So cute. I like her.

Design-wise.? I'm normally not into the "bunny girl" types... but this character is like the Viera race from the Final Fantasy series. See, Fran from FFXII was character... she was also one of my mains in FFXII. See how this works full circle? I like her. Definitely excited to level up my Ferry in GBVS and wonder what future matchups will be like. A hope a Juggernaut-like character joins the game... that would induce some very fun mindgames.

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