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This Holy Knight has a sacred pledge in her heart, and an oversized weapon in her hand. As the leader of the highly praised Order of Holy Knights, her character is unimpeachable. Her sole worry is the fact that she is not growing.


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

Charlotta has a lotta spunk for a small girl with a pretty big sword. At first I didn't really like this design because she seems too kiddie... but I think she might make an entertaining fighting game character. Since I just watched the final season of Game of Thrones, she reminds me of Lady Mormont. ^__^ Lil girls can fight too, and they matter! Actually forward to trying her out in the game.

*Looks at her official storyline*...... "Her sole worry is the fact that she is not growing." ^_____^ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Best character storyline ever. I can get behind this level of comedy. And I want to figure out why she's not growing. Side note: Her standing on a box reminds me of how I used to have to stand on a milk crate to reach the controls of an arcade machine in the mid 80's. Good times. I know the feels, Charlotta.  ;)

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