Yoriko Yasuzumi


A 14 year old girl, Yoriko is introverted, bookish, and obsessed with anything occult. It was during summer break, after her first year of junior high, when Yoriko discovered her friend Lilica was a half-demon. Together, they decided to try summoning a low-level demon servant for Yoriko, but Lilica played a prank on her friend and they summoned Mike, the "Demon King," instead. A contract was formed between Yoriko and Mike and now she's unable to part with her unusually-shaped companion. Against her will, Yoriko and Mike roam the city every night investigating the magical disturbance in the skies above Tokyo, causing mischief and eating doughnuts. Her Arcana, Dieu Mort (Evil), was formerly a man sentenced to be executed known as the "God of Death."

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Arcana Heart

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Arcana Heart 2, Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  Sept. 26th, 2019

You may know that the Arcana Heart art style slightly resembles hentai (anime porn). Yoriko's face in particular resembles that a hentai character... and as a non-fan of hentai, it irks me a bit.

Otherwise, Yoriko's a fairly interesting fighting game character. I like how her staff does most of the fighting... it's as if she wants no part of the fight. A cool design by the way she fights, but I'm not sure about the whole witch thing. And what is it with anime witches always dressing in purple? .... Is she related to Tessa? Hmph. Also worth mentioning, Yoriko also shares an an obvious likeness to Odile and Dokurod from Battle Fantasia.

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