Tessa / Tabasa


Tessa is a sorcererologist who lives in Icelarn, and also, who excels in the use of magic. A large number of storms began breaking out in the year 1999. Tessa doesn't believe this to be a natural phenomenon. She leaves her home to find the person behind this. To this end, she first discovered Hydron. They fought, and she defeated him, thinking that "marine creatures" shouldn't be in her land. When she meets an opponent, she can easily tell everything about him or her, whether the opponent is evil or good.
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Warzard / Red Earth



Pocket Fighter, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos, Capcom Fighting Collection

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Page Updated:  Feb. 23rd, 2022

Ask the 1996 Capcom artists to come up with a cool witch design, and you get the awesomeness that is Tessa. A stereotypical witch design is usually ugly and unimaginative, but Tessa is clearly the opposite. There's a lot of artistic expression behind her design, and she's convincingly "cool" for a witch.

Tessa is also a unique fighting game character due to her variety of unique attacks and special moves. Additionally, her moves are actually quite different in each of the 3 fighting games she was featured in... which makes her interesting on a different level. On a side note: Her Card Fighters Clash card even has a cool ability (and is quite useful). Also worth mentioning, Tessa would fit beautifully into the Darkstalkers series... I'm surprised Capcom hasn't done it yet. At the least, I'm glad Tessa was able to venture out of her obscure series and into some cross-over fighting games. She's a great design, and isn't "over-sexualized" like so many other female characters.

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