Wolf Hawkfield


The man known as "Wolf" lived as a woodsman and hunter in the Canadian wilderness until he was discovered on a scouting trip by a professional wrestling promoter. A quiet man who loves nature, he has his gentle side. He is filled with fighting spirit, however. He was an instant star in the pro wrestling area, and successfully defended his title several times. Dissatisfied with the level of competition, however, he turned in his belt and retired from the ring. He entered the World Fighting Tournament in search of a rival worthy of his abilities.

Virtua Fighter

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Virtua Fighter Remix, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Fighter Kids, Virtua Fighter 3, Virtua Fighter 4, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, Fighters Megamix



Page Updated:  Sep. 13th, 2020

Wolf introduced some unique pro-wrestling throws and attacks when he debuted. He was the first 3D pro-wrestler in a fighting game, after all. Wolf's moveset and animation became more impressive with every sequel... it's always been fun tracking the updates to pre-wrestlers in 3D fighting games, especially. Always loved WWE since the 80's. ;)

As the only professional wrestler of VF... Wolf always had a big footprint in the series, and is memorable for many reasons in the games. His win poses, his hard-hitting rasslin' throws, his on-the-ground techniques and (in the later part of the series) off-the-wall throws. He might've never been that exciting in looks, but Wolf was always one of the most fun VF characters to use, IMO. On the flipside, Wolf's personality isn't entirely "defined"... and in true VF fashion, he says some pretty generic / boring things when he wins. His early costumes VF1-VF2 were straight to the point, yet not too interesting... but Wolf's later costumes got much better. I loved his VF3 "lone cowboy" get-up (that should've become a new default for him). >_< He also got some great customizations in VF4-VF5. I loved his "long wrestling cape" look. Awooooooo!

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