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Rob Python
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Rob Python is an American boxing champion with a bad attitude, but has great fighting skills. Silber noticed his skill and decided to bring him under his wing. Rob and Silber enter the Buriki One tournament and they develop an interest in the newcomer, Gai Tendo. Rob has a lot of attitude and doesn't like people who disagree with him. He's also a known womanizer.

Buriki One


Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  May 29th, 2020

Rob Python... cool name. Dude looks cool too. In the fighting game world, Rob is a pretty original-looking boxer design. Nice tats bro. lol. Being a character from Buriki One, his fighting style and animations weren't all that impressive... he actually throws a lot of sloppy punches. Sorry man, but you got nothin' on Steve Fox, guv. Fight with some finesse! :p

To make up for his slight lack of technique, Rob does seem to have some personality... the way the artists drew him makes him look like a badass. (He seems like an asshole too, but sorta in a good way? lol). I think Rob Python had/has potential as a design, but he hasn't ventured very far out into the fighting game universe besides Buriki One and Card Fighters Clash. His appearance in Card Fighters was very unexpected but cool. Maybe one day we'll see him again.

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