Kim Ung Che


Kim Ung Che is a wandering priest and former pupil of Nicotine. In his ending, he leaves for India, fed up with Japan. He never returns to Japan but after realizing how small his existence is in the world, he felt the need to send Nicotine a sort of offering. He humorously thinks of chopping off his hair.


Samurai Shodown 6




Page Updated:  April 5th, 2014

When I first saw him, of course I thought he was Gaira... why wouldn't I? Kim Ung Che, a "new" character actually uses Gaira's sprite. No, it's not even a sprite edit. Kim Ung Che's sprite looks exactly like Gaira. -___- Shameless palette swap. Shameless. 

Oddly enough, Gaira went all monk and shaved his head in Samurai Shodown 6. I think they should've made the new character the one with the shaved head... but whatever, SNK wanted to troll us I guess. Gaira is a cool character, but he's literally the last person that I thought would get a clone character. Yet another one to add to the list of clones that started showing up since Samurai Shodown 5.

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