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Cyber Sub-Zero


During the Earthrealm invasion, Sub-Zero appeared in his automated form as Cyber Sub-Zero. He attacked Kabal but was defeated. By the request of Smoke, he was brought to Sonya and Jax who removed the slaving protocols in his CPU. After he regained his free will, he swore allegiance to them and went to spy on Shao Kahn with Sektor. Sektor soon learned that his programming was off and attacked him, but was defeated.

After searching through Sektor's data banks, he discovered the location of Kano, Kintaro and Goro. He found the three of them in the Bell Tower torturing soldiers. He managed to freeze them, and frees the soldiers. After the soldiers escaped, Kintaro and Goro break free of the ice they were trapped in, but Cyber Sub-Zero defeated them. Ermac then appeared and attacked the freed soldiers but Sub-Zero fights and defeats him as well. After asking the soldiers their next location, he went to the graveyard.

In the graveyard, Sub-Zero saw Quan Chi and Noob Saibot conjuring up a spell to create a Soulnado. When he confronts Noob, he discovered that Noob is his older brother. After Noob relinquishes any family ties with him, they fight, with Sub-Zero emerging victorious, and claimed that he was right; they are no longer brothers. Nightwolf advised him to report back to Raiden. When Raiden leaves with Liu Kang to try to talk to the Elder Gods, he is left under Nightwolf´s command. Some seconds later, they are ambushed by the Lin Kuei Cyborgs, and he, along with most of Earthrealm warriors, is killed during the battle with Sindel. Afterwards, he is resurrected by Quan Chi to serve him in the Netherrealm.


Mortal Kombat 9




Page Updated:  Aug. 7th, 2011

While it seems like an obvious choice  for a design in a new MK game, they actually did a decent job with his moveset. I'm not entirely blown away or anything, but he's pretty cool in MK9. He's got some sick looking combos.

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