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Abel made his first and only appearance in Battle Arena Toshinden 3, as an unlockable sub-boss. He is the only character in the series who does not wield a weapon and instead fights using his bare fists.

He is the leader of the Organization, a rival crime syndicate of Master's Secret Society. His followers include a team of warriors trained mostly in the fighting styles of the fighters who had participated in the last two Toshinden tournaments. Most of them have their own motivations for joining the Organization. He intended to revive an ancient god of fighting named Agon Teos, in order to rule over the world with it. However, he required the blood of the aforementioned fighters in order to awaken it and the body of a purehearted boy to give it a vessel.

For the vessel, Abel chose David and ordered an assassination on his parents. He then attempted to capture him, but he escaped and was rescued by Shizuku Fuji. To lure David and the fighters, Abel hosted the third Toshinden tournament. However, during the event, he was eventually confronted by Eiji Shinjo, who managed to kill him and destroy the Organization.


Battle Arena Toshinden 3




Page Updated:  Sep. 9th, 2020

It was cool for Takara to finally put a character in Toshinden who fights with his fists. Abel has some cool attacks that look like they could be from Tekken or Street Fighter (actually, he even has a shoto style Hurricane Kick). As the sub-boss, he also has some ridiculously cheap super moves... as one might expect from a boss character. His visual design is slightly weird or even awkward... but somehow, Abel seems to fit in with the art style of Toshinden. Abel also had a pretty cool voice, from what I remember.

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