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Before the third Toshinden tournament was held, Abel, the leader of the Organization, had ordered an assassination on David's parents and then decided to use his body as the vessel in a ritual to revive a fighting god named Agon Teos. However, David escaped and was rescued by Shizuku Fuji. Together, they enter the third tournament to help bring down the Organization and avenge his parents' death.
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Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Page Updated:  Apr. 30th, 2024

Usually, the only dudes who fight with chainsaws are psychos in horror movies/games, but David seems like a pretty straight forward and level headed guy... lol. Kind of an interesting contrast in his design, I suppose. He was one of the prominent new character of Toshinden 3, and probably one of the most interesting.

Fighting with a chainsaw like a sword is indeed pretty original to fighting games. Though very underdeveloped, he was probably one of the coolest characters to come out of the later part of the Toshinden series.

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