Steven Goldberg was as a young, zealous scientist working for the multinational group, Tylon. He believed his research would contribute to saving people's lives. In the same year that he joined the company, another young scientist by the name of Busuzima entered work there and the two would become good friends, and also, good rivals. Though, when Steven discovered the evils behind the company, he became a part of one of Busuzima's experiments and converted into a man made Zoanthrope. Because of how unstable the experiment had made his genetic structure, he could only survive on a special stabilizer developed to retain his body. Feeling betrayed, Steven (now going by the name 'Stun') plunges into despair over losing his human form. Slowly, his mind and body decayed though his heart yearned for revenge.

A year ago, Stun fought against Busuzima after turning him into an artificial Zoanthrope in a cruel experiment. However, when he faced Busuzima, he was unable to kill him because he remembered their lost friendship. His revenge had been quelled by his still rational heart. After the ZLF fell, Stun disappeared into the shadows, forced to drink the blood of animals to stabilize his decaying body. He lives now out of sight - a solitary figure hiding his deformed form from the world. Eventually the mysterious 'XGC' mark befell him and the power that came with it began overloading his unstable body. The violent energy raged within him, often surfacing in sharp pains that would sometimes rendered him uncontrollable or unconscious. He knew he'd become a monster if he didn't act soon. Jenny, an old friend, appeared before the agonized Stun and whispered to him that his pain was caused by the power of other dominant Zoanthropes with the 'XGC' mark, and unless they were beaten, he'd completely lose all reason - and he should not hesitate if he wanted to retain his pride as a man.

Stun awakens to the sounds of voices, confused by his surroundings. His memories are badly distorted - a complete blur. As he considers where he is, he takes notice of what the voices are saying. The unknown people recognize he is awake, and that his lost cells have successfully been restored, though they don't believe any of his memories were saved. 70% of his body cells, including brain cells, were already damaged before he was captured. Now though they observe that this body is stable unlike his former body. Though they take note of tissues within his brain that couldn't be eliminated - tissues referred to as the 'black box'. It worked like a flight data recorder. They'd wanted to remove them to eliminate memory recall but were unable to. The scientists are a part of a project to mass produce Zoanthropes, and agree Stun will be a good candidate for data collection. He laughs at them. They become very uneasy.

A year after the XGC incident, Stun lives out his days struggling with great pain in his body. Losing patience, he wonders how long he could live with his enhanced body this way. If he was to have a long life, he needed a way to try and preserve himself. He received information of a Shinto oracle who could seal the power of the beast. Uneasily, Stun decided to seek out the oracle, knowing that there wasn't much time left. It was a single ray of hope that he prayed would end his suffering.

Bloody Roar 2



Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 3: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4



Page Updated:  Apr. 18th, 2024

A human-sized walking beetle? I guess he's a pretty original design for fighting games. I'm glad the designers thought outside of the box with the series and didn't only include mammals in the game. So in that sense, our insect-friend Stun balances out the roster pretty well. He's got some entertaining moves that match his name and creepy-crawly vibe.

I found his original Bloody Roar 2 design to be pretty bland, but his updated appearances in BR3 is fairly well done. He's still a sleeper design in the series and is outshined by others in the series, but he's memorable in some ways.

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