Hajime Busuzima



Busuzima is a scientific genius who is fascinated with experiments using live subjects, such as animals, humans and zoanthropes. He is the mastermind behind top assassins of the Tylon Corporation, including Uriko, Bakuryu and Shen Long

Though he worked for the Tylon research institute, Busuzima was never interested in Tylon's cause. He only worked for the conglomerate because it gave him easy access to the most sophisticated technology and equipment and the chance to experiment with live subjects. Through the years of experimenting with artificial zoanthropes, Busuzima altered his own genes and has perfected his zoanthrope abilities.

Bloody Roar 2


Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 3: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4



Page Updated:  June 7th, 2024

"Okay class.... Today, I want you to come up with a Chameleon-inspired superhero." Y'know, for what they had to work with... Busuzima is an okay design. Off-the-wall, obnoxious-looking, under-developed, not exactly "pleasant" to look at, but still kinda original as a character. He looks like a 2000's Saturday morning cartoon character from I show I never watched because I was too old to watch cartoons back then. Whatev.

Pet peeve of mine: I hate dudes that wear shorts. Gross. Nobody wants to see your hairy ass legs, especially not at an airport, restaurant, or anywhere else that isn't THE BEACH. Shorts are only "okay" at the beach. I'm from Florida, trust me. But seriously, put on some "big boy paints" because you aren't 5 anymore.... I don't mind seeing girls in shorts. That's fine. But no dudes in shorts for me. Not a fan.

Rant over! Just trying to make this fun. Overall, Busu ended up being a decent "freak" for the series... it's interesting seeing someone's take on Chameleon-inspired fighting abilities. Definitely could've been better... but not terrible.
He's one of the more unique Bloody Roar characters.

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