Shadow Lady


Shadow Lady is a secret playable character in Marvel VS Capcom. She is a palette swap of Chun-Li, similar to Shadow Charlie. She is a roboticized and cybernetically-enhanced version of Chun-Li with a highly darkened color palette, increased speed and a few high-tech based moves which are empowered with Shadaloo technology. Chun-Li was altered the same way that Charlie Nash was turned into Shadow. However, she was not enhanced with Psycho Power like Shadow, only gaining mechanical parts that enhance her mobility and power. Shortly after her remodeling, she regained her memory and ran away from Shadaloo, joining Shadow to fight against evil.

Shadow Lady's ending suggests that M. Bison altered her similar to how he altered Charlie, but this is not considered canon, as Shadow Lady is simply a "what if" design. Additionally, she is not to be confused with Shadow Lady the manga series by Masakazu Katsura.

Besides her playable appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom (1998), Shadow Lady makes a cameo appearance as a palette swap for Chun-Li in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and as a boss in SFV: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode.

Marvel Vs. Capcom


Card Fighters Clash DS , Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (Extra Battle Boss)

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Page Updated:  Aug. 20th, 2019

It's like the Capcom devs had some extra space on the Marvel VS Capcom rom, so they whipped up a quick Chun-Li sprite edit, that started as an inside joke (I'm making this up) and viola... Shadow. Lady! ^o^ What was Capcom smokin' when they came up with this one? I want some. Any secret character in a 90's fighting game got instant cool points, even a sprite clone as cheap as this one. Somehow, Shadow Lady was memorable at least. It's pretty cool Shadow Lady even made some cameos in future games (like Card Fighters Clash DS). 

Shadow Lady has some crazy-ass moves. There's no other way to describe it. Besides her basic boring Chun-Li attacks, she has some ridiculous special moves. She pretty much "farts out" rockets... she pulls out a giant drill from her palms.....?  0__o  And then she has a Blanka electric attack for good measure. Makes perfect sense to me. Jk. Shadow Lady is most definitely among the strangest "palette swap" character designs of all time. Again, she was memorable. Gotta love that special color edit for Chun-Li in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Quite the fan service for MVC1 originals... I guess. lol. 

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