Saya is an attractive woman that was born in England. Her family was one of the most important commercial corporations between England and Japan, but they were also one of the more involved with criminal activities. Due to their denial to accept conditions by a gang of thieves led by a mysterious person known as Oboro, an extermination unit was sent to wipe out Saya's family. The mission was carried out with success, and Saya's parents were killed swiftly. However, the young Saya still remained. But she was spared when one of the assassin ninjas took her in, and carried her back to Japan. 

Since then, Saya has been trained in the fatal arts of killing, becoming a walking threat with her two daggers, that could spell death since Saya could spin them as quickly as the wind. However, she always lived with anger towards the Razor Trio, and towards the Bafuku for allowing her family to be manipulated by criminals, and have not done anything to avoid their murder. Soon, she joins the 'Atom Rebels' liberation group, and with Jushiro and Rinka, she proposes herself to dethrone both the Bafuku and the Razor Trio in Riten Kyo. Saya is quite vain and arrogant, but her sense of freedom and kindness have a strong presence in her heart, as well.

Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage






Page Updated:  Feb. 1st, 2014

Saya's fighting style shares similarities to Shiki's and Basara's. She's got a pretty sexy look about her. She's somewhat original, but kinda plain in other ways. Overall, she was a pretty interesting character in Warriors Rage, but something about her doesn't really strike me as "Samurai Shodown".

On a side note: Saya has a similar look to Lien Neville (Saya came first of course).

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