Oboro is an unplayable boss character in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. He is the main antagonist of Warriors Rage, and wields a cursed blade and a magic sword controlled by various spirits created using the "Magical Arts of Kakkyo." As Oboro has bonded with the demons possessing these weapons, they will both feel pain should one or the other be injured despite proximity.

An elderly samurai, Oboro is a part of the Razor Trio, along with Mikoto and Kuki Tohma. Though he has a kind looking demeanor, he was once a ninja that was revered as much as Hanzo Hattori. He was forced to leave the clan after Hanzo defeats him in a duel. Hateful during his alienation, he learns dark magic and gathers several "cursed weapons". He devotes himself to the will of the earthly Buddha Jigen Taishi (who "protects" Ritenkyo) and spends twenty years plotting the government's downfall. During this time, he creates the "Three Blades of Domination" (AKA the Razor Trio) and trains an army of skilled Amazons. He wants to assume the will of his benefactor and establish a new nation for the martial deity. He also hopes to avenge his disgrace caused by Hanzo. Oboro hates the shogunate and the current state of Japan. His smiles are a ruse for his foes; only a blood-thirsty and sadistic man lies underneath.

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Page Updated:  Jan. 17th, 2014

I suppose he's got the "tiny, elderly Japanese man" thing down pat. As the "invisible" boss of the series (the player only fights against floating swords), he was pretty forgettable. The contrast of his design is interesting at least... at first glance, he seems like a mind mannered elder, but he's actually a sadistic bastard. Heh. No doubt they could've done a lot more with this design in the game. 

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