Rody Birts


Rody Birts is a private investigator who works with Lenny Creston. Though she dominates him, their relationship is good-natured and there is even a hint of romantic tension. Despite this, they are partners in a business sense only. The two appear to have a bad reputation as private eyes. He has come to GlassHill Valley, Mexico because he has been hired by Wyler to find an old childhood friend Freia for him. As Rody fights with tonfas, he may be a police officer, or a former police officer.


Art of Fighting 3

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Page Updated:  Dec. 29th, 2022

His outfit & personality are pretty generic, but something about him is almost likeable. His double tonfa fighting style is also mildly generic in some ways, but overall isn't terrible... and at least Rody brings something unique to AOF. Due to his outfit and build, he somewhat reminds me of a "goofy" Jackie Chan (minus the hair). Honestly, I think he would've been a better design without the Jacky Bryant-wannabe hairstyle. lol. 

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