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Roberto Miura

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Roberto is a member of Gorin High's soccer team. He is a quarter-Brazilian but his nationality is Japanese. Most of the time, he's a quiet loner, but he'll never abandon someone who needs his help. Although he's a cool and calm guy outside the soccer field, he turns hot-blooded when playing soccer.

In Rival Schools, Roberto learned that the highest-ranking member of every sports team in Gorin High was attacked. Two fellow Gorin students from different teams (Shoma and Natsu) started conducting an investigation, so he joined them to get to the bottom of it. Throughout their investigation, Roberto serves as sort of a mediator between Natsu and Shoma during their typical arguments. Towards the end of their mission, Roberto ends up breaking his arm and worries that he won't be able to play his favorite position in soccer, as goalkeeper. A scout, however, offers him a chance to play as a forward.

In Project Justice, Roberto is once again caught in the middle of Natsu and Shoma's argument. This time, the argument is about whether or not they should investigate who attacked Momo. Shoma eventually decides to go with Momo and separates from the team, however, he is unaware that he was being used to create further chaos that Kurow started. Roberto and Natsu meet up with Nagare to continue on with the investigation. After Hyo was defeated, Roberto and Nagare comment on the newly-formed love triangle between Natsu, Shoma, and Momo.
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Rival Schools

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Project Justice, Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Feb. 17th, 2020

Soccer players can kick... and so do martial artists, of course. Naturally, Capcom thought up the the first soccer player to ever appear in a fighting game. Roberto is a pretty clever design all around, and he's a rather cool bloke... isn't he? I like his unusual triangular hair... and he's one of the few dudes that can actually look cool in a visor. (Actually looking cool in a visor? ...imagine that! lol.) No doubt Roberto rounds out the Rival Schools sports team and is a solid and memorable design in the series.

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