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Natsu Ayuhara

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Natsu is an expert volleyball player for Gorin High school. She is competitive, smart and determined to protect her teammates. Many of her schoolmates look to her as a sister figure. She dislikes liars and people who bully the weak. She tends to act more like a man than a girl, and many guys in her school are actually afraid of her. On the flipside, her female schoolmates love her. Although many see her as boyish, Natsu is an excellent cook, and has the heart of a girl who longs for true love...

In the first Rival Schools, her motivation is to find the people responsible for attacking Gorin High, which included the highest-ranked member of the school volleyball club. She joins Shoma and Roberto to investigate, and through it all, she argues with Shoma over how to go about it.

In Project Justice, Natsu is  suspicious of a new student named Momo. Shoma believed that they should help Momo, but Natsu disagreed. After Shoma leaves to investigate on his own with Momo, Natsu joins Roberto and Nagare to find culprits of the new school disturbance. Later, she is the first to welcome Shoma back after Momo betrayed him.
Natsu also wanted Momo to be expelled from Gorin High after the incident that nearly destroyed their friendship with their own schoolmates, and those from other schools as well.
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Rival Schools: United By Fate


Project Justice, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2



Page Updated:  Feb. 18th, 2023

Natsu is a great example of how clever Rival Schools character designs are. Natsu looks like a legit volleyball player... she has the long body type and the moves. Thanks to Natsu's clever moveset design and cool animations, she made a very memorable fighting game character!

Natsu's volleyball-inspired moveset is straight-forward, natural, and she has plenty of hard-hitting attacks that bring the pain (especially during tag-team moves). Her relationship with the rest of the Gorin High School team was also well done in the storyline. I like the fact that she's kind of the leader and has it all together. 

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