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A Japanese maid, Iroha serves her master and appears to think of him as the most important aspect of her life. Her master is unknown, but is likely to be the "player" him/herself as she often bows and speaks to the player before and after her fights. She uses two butterfly swords as her weapons, called Hourin Ousai. Her namesake is taken from the Heian poem of the same name which is a pangram used for learning the hiragana syllabary. Iroha's design is based on the folk tale "The crane that returned a favor".

Iroha debutted as a playable character in the final 2D sprite-based game of the series, Samurai Shodown Tenka / 6. She also stars in her own Japanese mobile game titled Maid by Iroha. Iroha makes another notable cameo appearance in the dating sim, Days of Memories: Oedo Love Scroll. Iroha also appears in the roster of playable characters in the Queen's Gate series, which is an extension of the fantasy game series, Lost Worlds.


Samurai Shodown 6



Card Fighters Clash DS , Samurai Shodown (2019)

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Page Updated:  Aug. 23rd, 2021

Her name sounds like how a Japanese person would say "Alo Ha".... "Iro Ha!" ^o^ Well, Iroha is a hot Japanese maid with cool butterfly swords who brings the sexy to SamSho in a way that not many other females do. She's definitely the most "sexualized" female of the series (especially later on by fan artists & Gashapon figure/statue creators.) lol. This over-sexualization of her must've spawned from her entertaining / comical super move where her silhouette is seen nude behind a shoji screen. She even appeared in several Japanese dating sims. It's pretty ironic how popular Iroha became, since SS6 was kind of a flop. Even so, her design was always "good". For some reason... 2B reminds me of her. 

I always appreciated Samurai Shodown for not "needing" to sexualize female characters to make them interesting, with cool designs like Charlotte, Nakoruru, Cham Cham, etc. However, I guess this type of sexy girl design is fated to find its way into pretty much every fighting game series. Iroha's fighting style and in-game animations were pretty good in SS6. After a 15-year absence, Iroha finally returned in SS2019. SNK did a good job with her 3D incarnation. Long live the Crane Dance.

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