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Jivatma is the leader of Kusiel/Kushieru, a sub-syndicate of the secret syndicate Addis that trains assassins, and a member of Addis's top leaders, The Children of Kokaviel, but his origins and history are veiled in mystery. He was Duke's boss until Duke became leader of his own gang, Mephistopheles. His sweetly polite voice belies the phony courtesy of the conceited man nicknamed The Dark Talon/The Claw Of Darkness. He has frightening abilities, using a fighting style he boasts is punishment to the weak. He faces fighters who make it to the finals.

Jivatma is also connected to Alba, Soiree, Duke, Nagase, Lien, and Luise. He can activate "Yuudaimu's/Judeim's" presence in the two Meira brothers, and he shows no respect towards Fate, which angers Alba. He is responsible for Soiree's disappearance, although it is believed that Soiree may return in the third game, possibly as a villain. He refers to Duke and Nagase as Type "D" and Type "N" respectively, recognizing them as humans who have been modified by Jalange, Addes' surgeon. Jivatma ordered the death of Lien's parents and family because her father would not join Addes. He is strongly connected to Luise in that she is a Zoan, and his goal is to collect strong host bodies so that Zoans like her can return home. Luise demands to know the whereabouts of other beings like Jivatma, although his loyalty to Addes keeps him from selling out his comrades.


The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2



SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Dec. 30th, 2017

Jivatma is one of the most bizarre, and most creepy fighting game bosses of all time... and perhaps not in a good way. He also has one of the most odd color schemes I've ever seen. I think some of his alternate colors in the game would've suited him better for his default appearance. While we're on the subject of appearance, some of Jivatma's "other" alternate costumes are just plain terrible... especially the one of him cosplaying as Iori. Yuck.... Just yuck. Horrible idea. 

Ohh, and if he's not weird enough for you... his second player outfit is actually female... yup, there's not much more to say there. To follow in SNK boss tradition, his moves are also horribly cheap, and some of which seem to be heavily inspired by Dhalsim. He also lacks the "badass" personality that a good boss of any fighting game should have. In closing, I think he might be one of the worst fighting game bosses of all time... he definitely ranks up there.

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