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 A second year at Taiyo HS in the same class as the rest of the Taiyo team, known for her efficiency in running the Taiyo clubs. Having seen the courage of her friends in protecting Taiyo HS one year ago, she was inspired to train in martial arts herself that she might be able to join in the fight for justice should the need arise again. Her real name is unknown as she prefers to be known only by her student congress title, which translates as "Chairperson".

She is a calm, level-headed, responsible, and well-behaved person; but when alone, she is quite timid. Nevertheless, she is very popular and adored by boys and girls alike in their school. She, however, is not very skilled in hand-to-hand fighting. She has a strong motivation to reach her goals, and will take the initiative as much as possible. She is also cautious, so as to minimize risks in everything she does.

Chairperson actually first appeared in Hinata's ending in Rival Schools: United By Fate, notifying her of their classmates were inspired by Hinata to taking up martial arts. In the ending, Chairperson is referred to as Class Leader. The School Life modes in Rival Schools and Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 expand on her character a bit more.

She makes her first playable appearance in Project Justice, appearing in two storylines. In one of the Taiyo High storylines, she accompanies Hinata and Kyosuke after Batsu's brief disappearance after losing to the Seijyun High team. After Batsu returns to the party, she then tends to her wounded schoolmates and Hayato, who was also victimized by Kurow disguised as Batsu.

In the Pacific High storyline, she helps Boman in his investigation after some of the Pacific High students, unknowningly brainwashed by Kurow, wreaked havoc in the Taiyo-Pacific High athletic competition being held at the Gorin Dome. After fighting Hayato, Ran joins the two in the investigation.
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Project Justice

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Page Updated:  June 30th, 2022

Her name and alias is kinda odd to me (and could definitely be better)... but she's a cool and underrated Project Justice character all around. Iincho / Chairperson has a calm, sporty look, fitting nicely into Rival Schools on the Taiyo High School team. In some ways she's a bit ordinary-looking, but that kinda makes her original when compared certain other Rival Schools characters.

Most importantly, many of her moves are based on traditional Karate! She even does a full kata upon completing arcade mode! I would've loved to see Capcom flesh out her character a bit, but unfortunately we're all still waiting for Rival Schools 3. :(

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