Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Ultra Street Fighter 2 Trailer #2, Soundtrack Sampler & Poster Artwork


Capcom released the second official trailer for Ultra SF2 on Nintendo Switch. The new trailer shows footage of Color Edit Mode, Buddy Battle (2 VS 1 against the CPU), and Way of the Hadou Mode. The trailer also runs through the different ways you can play the game: Portable Mode, Tabletop Mode, and TV Mode. Secondly, Capcom released a USF2 soundtrack sampler with remixed versions of the classic themes, plus a sample of themes for Violent Ken & Evil Ryu.


Finally, here's a new poster artwork for Ultra Street Fighter 2 featuring Akuma, Violent Ken and Evil Ryu.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 will be released on May 26th on Nintendo Switch. Capcom hinted that if the game sells well, they may bring the title to other systems.

Source:  Street Fighter (Youtube)
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