POSTED:  Wednesday, January 15th, 2020                  (Jan. 19th, 2020)

Pro TaeKwonDo Competition in South Korea Now Uses TEKKEN Style Life Bars to Keep Score


Point-based martial arts competitions can be difficult to follow for spectators. The Korea TaeKwonDo Association recently debuted an impressive new piece of technology which implements "fighting game style" Life Bars (most closely resembling TEKKEN's) into a live martial arts tournament! Wearable sensors on each competitor's chest and head gear deduct points from their "life bar" on the big screen - all in real time. Each fighter starts out with 100 points of health, which depletes immediately onscreen after the corresponding "point" is scored. This makes it easier than ever for casual spectators in the audience to follow the pace of the fight and see who's in the lead.

In addition to the life bars, the round time remaining, competitor profiles & stats (similar to an eSport event), and even penalty notifications are displayed onscreen for all to see. The big-screen visuals are made even more satisfying with accompanying fighting game-style sound effects. It definitely makes point-style TKD bouts more entertaining to watch... here's hoping this becomes the new standard for the sport!

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Source:  TKD News Korea via Kotaku
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