Yes, there's more... and unfortunately for my wallet, I don't think I'll stop collecting anytime soon. >_>






Finally, PAGE 3 begins with a random selection of figures I've smartly (yet painfully) decided to keep in the original packaging. Of course, there's also some more opened goodies to check out, a few fightpads, plus some other "non-fighting game" stuffs that I collect... Enjoy!
hori-fighting-commander4-ps4.png (1973247 bytes)
Hori Fighting Commander Pro 4.
Proud pad warrior.
hori-fighting-commander4-ps4-2.png (1757300 bytes)
READY for 2D fighters on PS4!
neogeo-ps3.png (1202791 bytes)
Here's a cool item I never thought I'd own... A NEOGEO PS3 fightpad!
neogeo-ps3-2.png (890366 bytes)
Thanks Play-Asia! Really good pad for classic 2D fighters.

darkstalkers-talbain-bbhood-figures.png (1968869 bytes)
Darkstalkers 3
Jon Talbain & B.B.Hood 2-pack

darkstalkers-talbain-bbhood-figures2.png (2416179 bytes)
Cool write-up. Nice box design too.

darkstalkers3-demitri-lilith.jpg (252471 bytes)
Darkstalkers 3 Demitri & Lilith 2-pack

darkstalkers3-demitri-lilith2.jpg (296968 bytes)
That storyline!

ggx-sol-badguy-epoch.jpg (171242 bytes)
Guilty Gear X Sol Badguy figure!

millia-figure.jpg (249925 bytes)
Guilty Gear X Millia Rage.

tekken2-figures.png (1212793 bytes)
Tekken 2 Mini Character Collection!

tekken2-figures2.png (1255319 bytes)
Tsukuda Hobby Japan 1995.

k-dash-kof2000-figure.png (1749660 bytes)
KOF2K K' figure!

k-dash-kof2000-figure2.png (1670447 bytes)
K' can hit a better pose than that...

iori-kof2000-figure.png (1532780 bytes)
KOF 2000 Iori Yagami figure. Pretty rare!

kyo-kof2000-figure2.png (1211843 bytes)
These figures are numbered funny.

kyo-kof2000-figure.png (1719489 bytes)
KOF 2000 Kyo Kusanagi!

iori-kof2000-figures.png (1663685 bytes)
Oops... I actually have 2 Iori's. Yup.

necro-resaurus.jpg (230547 bytes)
Necro Resaurus

necro-resaurus2.jpg (294501 bytes)
Also a cool box.

morrigan-vampire.jpg (135696 bytes)
Rare Morrigan Vampire Savior gashapon.

jedah-gashapon.jpg (95477 bytes)
BADASS Jedah figure! RARE also.

felicia-vampire.jpg (110099 bytes)
One of the best Felicia gashapons.

demitri-vs.jpg (152267 bytes)
And Demitri.

deviljin-figure.jpg (284207 bytes)
I also have a boxed Devil Jin. Epoch 1999.

tekken3-yoshi.jpg (228532 bytes)
Yoshimitsu. Very rare & expensive.

heihachi-epoch.jpg (241558 bytes)
And I have 3 boxed Heihachis. :)

king-epoch.jpg (128750 bytes)
Tekken 3 King.
hwoarang-epoch.jpg (154832 bytes)
Hwoarang. Bonus Heihachi trophy is awesome.
silver-akuma-cvs2.jpg (188491 bytes)
High Dream CVS2 Akuma (Silver!)

sodom-stoa.jpg (195152 bytes)
Still have a bunch of boxed SOTA Street Fighters.

birdie-sotabox.jpg (184796 bytes)
These are for sale in the TFG Shop btw!

nakoruru-figure-2014.jpg (157498 bytes)
Samurai Shodown 64 Nakoruru.

nakoruru-figure-2014-2.jpg (150753 bytes)
Must obtain Haohmaru & Hanzo.
ingrid-box.jpg (140916 bytes)
Ingrid Capcom Girls statue!
kasumi-figure.jpg (314371 bytes)
Kasumi figure by Kaiyodo.

mech-zangief-figure.png (2370232 bytes)
Mech Zangief SOTA figure! Possibly the manliest figure ever made. lol.

zangief-sota.jpg (138467 bytes)
Vanilla Zangief SOTA figure.

sagat-sota-big.jpg (193354 bytes).
10" Rotocast Sagat statue by SOTA. 

jade-figure.jpg (178440 bytes)
MK Trilogy Jade doll. lol.
tatsunoko1.png (626477 bytes)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom fight stick box. I was excited.
tatsu-stick.png (982532 bytes)
Great stick, but silly how it has to be attached to the stupid Wiimote. :/

nov22nd.jpg (217476 bytes)
Got all of this goodness on Nov. 22nd, 2011!

namco-dolls.jpg (155023 bytes)
Tekken 2 & Soul Edge dolls FTW! Don't you dare call them ugly. ^o^
tekken2-heihachi-bank2.png (926291 bytes)
Tekken 2 Heihachi Bank + Mini figure! Never knew the bank existed until 2014. Picked it up immediately. :D
tekken2-heihachi-bank.png (1543466 bytes)
Your money is safe with the Mishima Ziabatsu...

balrog-plush.jpg (163575 bytes)
Official SF2 Balrog plush!!! A face only a mother could love. ^o^

balrog-plush2.jpg (147033 bytes)
READ THE TAG. The name's M. Bison... fools.
ryuk-statue.png (2239105 bytes)
Ryuk Statue
(Death Note)
rem-statue.png (1795520 bytes)
Rem Statue
(Death Note)
guts-hawk.png (2277657 bytes)
Guts - Hawk Soldiers version (Berserk)
femto.png (1320502 bytes)
Femto Figure (Berserk)

jotaro-figure2.jpg (161753 bytes)
Badass Jotaru Kujo poseable figure.

jotaro-figure.jpg (179791 bytes)
Only $170 Hong Kong dollars. (pretty good deal actually).

guile-revoltech.jpg (320017 bytes)
Guile Revoltech. So  fun to pose.

zangief-revol.jpg (187280 bytes)
Zangief Revoltech. I also have opened versions of these to play with.  ;)

ryu-kazuya-streetfighter-tekken-bobble-buds2.png (932064 bytes)
Kazuya & Ryu Bobble Buds.

ryu-kazuya-streetfighter-tekken-bobble-buds.png (1188127 bytes)
Kazuya tried to EWGF but he wasn't in range.
cvs-snk2000.png (1088609 bytes)
Capcom VS SNK capsule keychains. (I gotta complete this set).
mansinthe.png (1083938 bytes)
I don't always drink absinthe, but when I do...

kuro-toro-keychains.png (1235167 bytes)
SF X Tekken Kuro & Toro getting some height with their Shoryukens & Doriyas!

harada-ono-bobble-toys.png (1149788 bytes)
Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada & Ivy Bobble Buds! Harada's head perpetually moves in a cool fashion... Just Harada. 
trueno2.jpg (131019 bytes)
AE86 pillow! :D
trueno.jpg (65057 bytes)
No one sleep in Tokyo...
deathnote-gashapons.png (1241788 bytes)
Death Note gashapons.
deathnote-figures.png (1431954 bytes)
Been a fan since the beginning.
deathnote-gashapons2.png (1565403 bytes)
Do not watch the anime in English.
samurai-guys.png (1093264 bytes)
Some random samurai toys from Hong Kung. Who has these?
aya1.jpg (52637 bytes)
(Tengo Tenge)
maya.jpg (35415 bytes)
(Tengo Tenge)



This was all my idea.

Samurai Shodown Pocket metal weapons! Who the f*ck has these? XD

Fighting game soundtracks I paid too much for (before Youtube).
kidrobot-sf.png (1252849 bytes)
Street Fighter Kidrobot figures. I seriously need to get more.

Next up, the very hard to find Resaurus line of Street Fighter action figures... most are in mint condition!
evilryu-res3.png (1563273 bytes)
Back in the day, the Resaurus SF line were the ONLY quality SF figures.
evilryu-res.png (1438377 bytes)
Toyfare exclusive Evil Ryu!!!
evilryu-res2.png (834530 bytes)
Not for sale (yet).

This pic was taken in a different room... and FYI that is not my bed.

P10100141.JPG (63998 bytes)
SHOOSH 3-hit combo!

And below... some more Resaurus figures (some opened), along with a variety of rare Street Fighter & SNK resin statues from Hong Kong! 

ryujr.jpg (130976 bytes)
SF Jr. Ryu.

kenjr.jpg (131050 bytes)
SF Jr. Ken
streetfighter-jr-resaurus-opened.png (2027986 bytes)
The entire"Street Fighter Jr." series, opened.
streetfighter-jr-resaurus-opened2.png (1470720 bytes)
Okay, everyone hit Akuma's pose!

necro-resaurus3.jpg (104436 bytes)
Necro is just awesome.

alex-resaurus-shadow.png (1192072 bytes)
Close-up of Alex.
capcom.jpg (42695 bytes)
Profound sadness.

Bison corrupts all.

Wild action shot.

Wilder action shot.

No Chun Li, it's like this!

Geez, eat some food Remy.

akumastat2.jpg (51664 bytes)
Twin Akuma statues from Hong Kong.

I'd like to make a "life size" statue of this right here.


Ultra rare E. Honda statue.

..Now for some OLD shit... NO LAUGHING ALLOWED!!! Check out this Street Fighter Alpha 2 "Akuma doll."

akumadoll4.jpg (154958 bytes)
Looks good.


Classic SF art is the best. <3

LULZ! ^o^

Super Street Fighter II Chun Li doll...

chundoll3.jpg (232975 bytes)
Damn, I like that sketch!


She looks.... ok.

She could kick Barbie's ass at least.

Super Street Fighter II Guile doll. I like the boxes more than the actual figures... lol.

Classic Guile sketch.

Guile profile.

Ancient box.

Guile has seen better days. LOL!


*Inserts Coins*  L... L... Let's Go Crazy!!!





Marvel Legends... the most poseable action figures known to man. And they happen to be a perfect match-up for SOTA's excellent Street Fighter line. These pictures are ancient, so forgive me. I'd like to re-set them up again and take new ones someday.

Proudly displaying my original Marvel VS Capcom 2 tournament team. Cable, Juggy, and Guile... in their actual win poses of course. P.S. Don't miss the badass Shadaloo corner.

Cable, Juggy, & Guile FTW.


Deadpool VS Sodom.

Like that Spiderman pose???

Wolvie's got nunchaku skills.

Pretty epic poses.

Sabretooth... Behind you!

Awesome Venom figure.

Many Marvel Legends came packaged with "pieces" of large figures, like Sentinel, Apocalypse and Onslaught. So here are some of the big guys, fully assembled!

toptier.jpg (171673 bytes)
Straight from MVC2!!! Not a friendly team. ^o^

toptier2.jpg (132072 bytes)
Ohh shit, Psylocke assist too? Could it get any worse?!?
toptier3.jpg (235300 bytes)
It just did... Hyper.... Viper Beam. X3. 
apocalypse.jpg (180019 bytes)
Onslaught + Apocalypse = Doom... Wait , where is Doom? :(
apocalypse2.jpg (178145 bytes)
Now with some other Legends I picked up later on.

And long before there were Marvel Legends, there were X-Men VS Street Fighter toys! This isn't the complete collection, but here's what I got.

Hey, my favorite stage!

They look kinda funny... lol.

2P colors!

Christmas Cammy... lol.

Now... for my entire Juggernaut collection! YES. 


Different angle.

Player-2 X-men VS Street Fighter Juggernaut!!!

Hahaha... Chibi-jugi FTW.

Awesome Juggy bust.

Marvel Legends Juggernaut. Now goes for $100+.
juggy-select1.png (2082623 bytes)
Marvel Universe Juggernaut!
juggy-select2.png (1710353 bytes)
HUGE figure. You can literally knock out someone with this. 

juggy-select3.png (1813727 bytes)
Juggy not afraid of MVC2 corner traps.

juggy-universe.png (1495122 bytes)
I'm Juggernaut!!!
juggy-universe2.png (1842867 bytes)
No... I'm Juggernaut biitch.

My tiny collection of Marvel Mugs... VILLAINS ONLY!

mugs.jpg (105481 bytes)
The most badass Mugs around. Vader force push!

mugs3.jpg (95631 bytes)
Mugs are great pen holders.
mugs2.jpg (112662 bytes)
Galactus VS Doom! Soul Calibur style.

A few fighting game posters, wall scrolls & framed artwork.

Some of my favorite artworks of all time, professionally framed.

zangief-frame.jpg (132202 bytes)
Framed chibi Zangief artwork!
scrolls.png (1445200 bytes)
Darkstalkers & FF7 wall scrolls, Guts plush & some posters.

Elena, Yun & girls from 3rd Strike.

asra.jpg (28199 bytes)
Asra looking up at "Love" & "Patience".

Evil Charisma.
scrolls3.png (1109123 bytes)
SF Zero Poster.
scrolls4.png (869589 bytes)
Ukyo Poster.

Finally, since this is a "showroom"... I have to show off my classic ride. As seen in the manga/anime Initial D and Namco's arcade racer, Maximum Tune, my beloved Toyota MR2 93' (SW20). When I got a new car in 2012 (Hyundai Tiburon), my girlfriend built me an awesome model MR2 (also pictured), since she knew I was going to miss driving it regularly. Anyhow, I'm in the process of customizing my Tib... pics soon!

Hand washed FTW.

The first car I ever loved... so very fun to drive.
lars-tekken-toyota-mr2.png (1136387 bytes)
A miniature model of my car... and a pearl Lars figure!
lars-tekken-toyota-mr2-2.png (1343443 bytes)
Lars is almost proportional to the cars actual size. ;)

 Hope you enjoyed your visit to TFG's Showroom...
Also stop by the TFG Shop and see what's for sale!



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