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Sho Kamui


Sho Kamui is the main protagonist of Breakers. He is a young Karate expert from Japan. Not much is known about him, besides the fact that he is "pursuing strength". In the 1994 prototype of Breakers, titled (Crystal Legacy), he was known as Takeshi Kamui. 
  Lee Dao-Long is his rival. 

Fun Fact: Sho's alternate name (when both players choose him) is Jin Sawamura, who is named after a certain game company employee. Jin is a Karate master who is Sho and Dao-Long's senior. He is also a big fan of the Japanese pop rock band, TUBE.



Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  May 22nd, 2016

What's the deal, Sho? Clearly you're idolizing Ryo... who idolizes Ryu. And did you steal a Kyo Kusanagi's gloves, or did you make those knockoff Kyo gloves on your own? Did I cover all the obvious jokes? I think so. I actually give Sho some credit due to the fact that he does some of his "knockoff" moves in a unique way. For example, he punches with both arms when doing Ryo's rapid lightning punches. ;) 

Oddly enough, Sho is almost interesting due to him being such a knockoff. And to his credit, many of his animations are actually decent. He's as boring as they come, but Breakers just wouldn't be Breakers without him.

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