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Mian is a member of the "Official Invitation Team" in King of Fighters XIV. Mian is a woman fighter who battles using moves from the traditional Chinese dancing art of the "Sichuanese Opera". Despite her high dancing skills, Mian is an extremely shy person, and doesn't drop her mask often, except for rare instances where she displays self-confidence.
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King of Fighters XIV




Page Updated:  Dec. 5th, 2016

A mask-wearer... I wonder if she knows Lee Pai Long. Mian is a pretty interesting concept for a design, as performers in Sichuanese Opera dance and change their masks during their performance. (Mian incorporates the mask changing in her super move, which is pretty cool.) Overall, her fighting style is a good mix of things... I like how her special moves have a TON of hits by default (and even more when powered up with MAX mode).

Mian might be lacking in the personality department, and isn't all that exciting compared to some of the best KOF characters in history... but overall, she's a fairly solid newcomer for KOF series.

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