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Schuvaltz Katze
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Schuvaltz Katze is a hitman hired by Hanzaki. He uses a gun, and is thus able to use long-range attacks, putting him at a slight advantage over the sword users. However, he is unable to fight at all once his legs are damaged - putting the fight to an abrupt end. He is selectable in the first Bushido Blade after completing Slash Mode on Hard without dying, but is only in VS mode.
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Bushido Blade


Bushido Blade 2


Page Updated:  Jan. 2nd, 2014

Seeing a gun-user in Bushido Blade was definitely unexpected. Although he's a dishonorable jerk for bringing a gun to a katana fight, he was a fairly interesting character at the time. Visually, he isn't a terrible design... and was definitely distinguishable from the rest of the cast. Also, no doubt having sword VS gun battles in the game was entertaining for a while, as unfair as it is. 

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