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Zaki's real name Aoi Himezaki, she's a student at Seijyun High. She was asked by Akira and Yurika to help investigate the strange behavior of Akira's brother, Daigo. She is shown to be highly confrontational, showing anger at an attack by Batsu and snapping at the teacher trio of Hideo, Kyoko and Hayato when the girls are questioned about the confrontation, but is also seen as forgiving when Yurika reveals herself to be working for Kurow Kirishima, the person who brainwashed Daigo, Zaki is at first reluctant to forgive her, but changes her mind when Akira forgives Yurika anyway.
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Project Justice

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Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  March 28th, 2014

Zaki's a badass female fighter if I've ever seen one. She's got a bit of the "Goth / Industrial" look going on, which I happen to be a fan of (irl). I think one of the coolest parts about Zaki is that she's not anything close to an "ultra sexualized" female character (something all too familiar in most video games). Nope, Zaki isn't big on the "sex appeal" thing, but she does get right down to business and simply kicks ass... I can respect that.

It's refreshing to see a sexy female character design that doesn't rely on showing skin to get her point across. That intelligence... (no, not dat). Zaki's is probably one of the most overlooked characters from the Rival Schools series, but she's an effective and very badass character design at the end of the day.

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