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He is the successor to the throne of Japan, as he is of the Tokugawa bloodline. He once battled Gaoh and lost, but Gaoh spared him because the latter respected his birthright to one day rule Japan. Several years later, Gaoh revolted, and Yoshitora, now working for Yagyu Jubei, was sent to quash the rebellion and regain his birthright.
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Samurai Shodown 5

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Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Apr. 19th, 2018

The Samurai Shodown series has seen its fair share of interesting hairstyles. The hairdos of the series have gone from exaggerated, to extreme, to completely ridiculous... and then... to Yoshitora. LMAO. 

By his hair alone, Yoshitora stood out as a "new hero" of the series when he debuted in Samurai Shodown 5. Some would say he's an instant badass since he's packing all those freakin' swords, notably that ridiculously huge one. I think he's a pretty cool design and fits into the series, but something about his him just seems "forced" to me. His fighting style has its interesting moments, but could be  better. Also worth mentioning, his standard "fierce" attack alone hits about 5 times and takes a huge chunk of damage... pretty ridiculous. lol. Speaking of ridiculous (I've used that word a lot in this review for some reason)... how does Yoshitora get his hair like that, exactly? -____-

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