In the Sumo world, Taka-Arashi is famous for his unusually brutal fighting style. One day, while entertaining at an American bar, Taka-Arashi agreed to settle an argument in an underground fist fight. Taka-Arashi fiercely bested his opponent, a man famous in the world of underground fighting. Upon his return to Japan Taka-Arashi informed his boss of his decision to leave Sumo wrestling. On that same day, Taka-Arashi received an invitation to the 3rd Virtua Fighter tournament, and, blood still boiling with the thrill of battle, accepted.
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Virtua Fighter 3


Virtua Fighter 5 R, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown


Page Updated:  May 11th, 2012

A Sumo wrestler seemed like a perfect (and obvious) fit for the VF series. His debut in VF3 was pretty cool, but it appears Sega kicked him out of the VF tournament for being too fat. Literally. lol. I guess Sega thought it wouldn't be very "Virtua" to air combo a Sumo wrestler the same as everyone else.

They finally brought him back in VF5R and his return was done really well for the most part. He of course has his own air juggle effects for being so fat, which is kinda funny to me... but I guess it makes sense. lol. Visually, he's still a generic design like most other VF characters but he does have some funny customizations.

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