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It is revealed during the King of Fighters XIII tournament that Ash and Saiki are two separate people, with the latter being the ancestor of the former. Saiki appears as the acting leader of Those from the Past, speaking to Mukai about the disappearance of Shion, and the "death" of Magaki. In another cut scene, taking place after the sixth stage, he is seen with the overall championship victory and Rose's congratulations. He later confers with the members of Those from the Past on their progress to gather enough energy to initiate the ceremony. Displeased at the lack of developments, he dismisses them as useless for his cause.

Saiki makes his move at the end of the tournament finals in KOF XIII, freezing time and appearing before the winning team. A large gate with time-bending powers appears in the distance, and he sends his underlings to gather more energy for the gate. Mukai wants to avenge the defeat that he suffered in KOF 2003, but Saiki instead kills him, absorbing his power and transforming into a large, muscular form.

Despite his new form, he is defeated by the tournament champions. Ash Crimson then appears, but is soon after possessed by Saiki. The two fuse into Dark Ash, a being of massive power. Even with this power, he proves no match for the champions. As the time gate begins to close, Ash retakes control of his body. Saiki begs for him to walk through the gate, stating that they can "start over," but Ash refuses. The gate closes, which creates a time paradox: as Saiki is now trapped in the present, it is impossible for Ash to have ever been born. Thus, Ash ceases to exist, taking Saiki with him.
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King of Fighters XIII

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Page Updated:  Oct. 8th, 2013

Human Saiki is a pretty shameless Ash palette swap. His alternate boss version reminds me a lot of Gill... and he sure is an asshole to fight against. It's satisfying to finally kick his ass at the end of KOF13, but that's probably the only satisfying part of this design. I guess he's not the worst KOF boss of all time... but certainly not the best.

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