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Boss of an offshore platform owned by DOATEC. Not only is he respected by all the other roughnecks on the platform, Rig has also mastered his own style of Taekwondo. One day, in the middle of work, a mysterious lady pays the offshore platform a visit.
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Dead or Alive 5

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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, DOA5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6


Page Updated:  Oct. 11th, 2018

Rig? What kind of name is that? Never mind.... What kind of outfit is that??? Is he homeless? ...not that there's anything wrong with being homeless... (well, actually there is) ... but anyway, maybe Rig should be looking for a better job instead of beating up on women and taking burly guys out on dates. (DOA5's story is so good). -__- 

Now that I've made my fun, in fairness, Rig's Taekwondo style is pretty cool. The DOA series lacked a Taekwondo user until this guy showed up, so his brand of fighting is definitely welcome to the series. Naturally he's got a great selection of dynamic kicks, the typical "one leg up" TKD stance, and some cool, flashy, and hard-hitting throws as well. As far as his appearance goes, yeah... I don't like him at all. The vibe I get from him is a "poor man's Jin Kazama or Goh Hinogami" with that knockoff hoodie get-up. His default outfit is just all over the place... like 3 different outfits awkwardly rolled into one. I think I'm being pretty generous giving him 3 out of 5. 

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