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"Miss X" is responsible for organizing the Queen of Fighters tournament and has the K' Talisman, which grants any wish... Dressed in a sailor dress and sporting a ninja mask, "Miss X" is actually Iori Yagami, dressed as a female. He fails to fool any of the girls who joined the tournament, all of which discover his true identity.

SNK Gals Fighters



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Page Updated:  Jan. 27th, 2015

Either Iori is just plain weird for dressing as a woman and thinking he could fool the SNK girls, or maybe... he's actually a genius and has a fetish for watching the SNK ladies fight it out (hey, it worked didn't it?). LOL. This design obviously doesn't take itself too seriously, and makes for a pretty hilarious premise for one of the kookiest fighting games ever. Some folks might also say that "Miss X" is reason enough to own / play SNK Gals Fighters

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