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During the Heian Period, Kamikirinusi, a female oni, destroyed the capital, causing her to be magically restrained by an onmyodo practitioner. Although she found her punishment to be unreasonable, she decided to be good and submit to her restraints.

Some time later she realized she had control of her body again and that the restraints were gone. As her friends swarm out of the pit that had been their place of confinement, she thought about how her captor had said that they must stay longer. At first, Kamikirimusi was disappointed at this, though she decided to keep her promise and wait quietly in the pit for the appointed time came.

Six hundred years later, Japan was now in a period of civil war, and nearly all the supernatural power once feared in the capital was gone. Kamikirimusi's friends were nowhere to be found as they had all either been vanquished or faded away after their release. However, Kamikirimusi was finally free. As she took her first steps, she felt a great power that could make the world tremble, a power beyond that of any human. She became drawn to it and began searching for this power. Kamikirimusi fights with a large metal club, and uses Nightmare's SCIV fighting style. She was designed by Hirokazu Hisayuki.
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Soul Calibur 4




Page Updated:  Feb. 20th, 2013

Dude, she has six syllables in her first name... Six. Good thing she doesn't have a last name! Heh. She's a cool looking character overall, too bad her fighting style is a complete rip-off of Nightmare's. Not a bad "bonus" character but she leaves much to be desired.

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